Workshop and Lecture Information

Inchies and/or Art Doll Workshop

These are really fun and creative seminars! It gives the participants a chance to use found objects, scraps, broken jewelry, fibers from knitting, etc. The sky is the limit to what can be created. There is some sewing machine work to make the foundations on which the embellishments are added to.

This is a 3 hour seminar, which can be extended, if need be. Great for many age groups!
Fee for this workshop is $200.00

Mixed Media Workshop

This is a one of a kind form of art using found objects, scraps of all types of fabrics, jewels, beads, paints, ink stamps, and Angelina fibers to name a few. These pieces make beautiful wall hangings, family mementos, birthday and graduation gifts or pages for themed fabric books.

This is a 4 hour seminar, which can be extended, if need be. This is also great for many age groups.
Fee for this workshop is $275.00

Crazy Quilting: Then and Now

Lecture program is about an 1½ hours long, featuring the historical aspects of Crazy Quilting from utility quilts used on a daily basis to the very opulent pieces of the Victorian Era. Timeline of events, vintage pieces, and original designs that I have produced over the years will be shown and explained, with a question and answer period at the end. Program is perfect for Quilting Guilds and civic groups.

Pricing for the Lecture: $150.00, plus mileage
Pricing for 4 Hour workshop: $275.00, plus mileage

Workshop project is to make a Crazy Quilt Needle Book. Each participant will need to bring various items to make this project. I will provide this list to your group. This is a fun project that uses scraps of fabric, old buttons, beads, trim and embroidery stitches (hand or machine) to make a clever and useful item.

I still have dates available for 2019 and 2020, please call to book your lecture.